HID Omnikey customer service proves me wrong.

March 2, 2010

After a day of back-and-forth over the weekend, HID reps in the UK and Austria were able to assure me that the OSX drivers for the Omnikey 5321 are supposed to enable the RFID functions on the reader.  Based on their insistence, I started troubleshooting and discovered that pcscd in OSX is flaky.  It cannot handle USB reconnects or machine suspends.  If you are careful to kill pcscd before connecting the reader or waking from suspend every time, it restarts, loads the driver, and works correctly.

Although their site says that contactless cards are not supported by the OSX driver, the latest one does in fact work the same as the Linux driver with the cards I have at my disposal.  Like the Linux driver, it still does not react to EMV tokens.  I can verify that it senses and IDs iClass cards just fine.

A sincere thank-you to Markus and Mike from HID, especially to Mike for getting back to me on a Sunday.

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